Citadelle Security  is a Subsidiary of the FEP Holdings Ltd.

Our mission is inspired by the meaning of Citadelle “the core fortified center for any security system.” Citadelle Security Limited was incorporated in the year 2010 with the aim of bridging the gaps within the Private Security Industry.Security is the key element to every individual and business enterprise whether upcoming or existing,middle or large.As a result of the increased security threats across the region, the current economic climate and importantly the increased awareness on personal security there is need for seamless security solutions. Consequently,Citadelle is geared towards providing solutions to the problems faced by individuals and organizations during their business execution.The company is guided by strong vision, mission and values, all aimed at meeting and satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations making Citadelle Security Limited your company of choice.ReadMore


Our Products & Services


Citadelle Security has invested heavily in the state of art surveillance cctv system for both commercial and residential needs. 


Manned Guarding

Citadelle has complied with the recently passed security laws of 2014. All our guards are paid above minimum wage.All our guards are paid.



Mobile Tracker is renowned for global vehicle tracking.This is one of the best car theft prevention and vehicle protection systems available.


Intruder Alarms

Citadelle pride itself in offering the latest technology in intruder alarm system, we have wired and wireless automatic systems which can be controlled.